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Illegibilus - Nicole Hyland by pepperplane Illegibilus - Nicole Hyland by pepperplane

[REVAMP 08/30/14] CRIESSS I'll try to...fix the stuff that are bothering me later sobb and yes she still refuses to wear her cloak properly--

RPs are always welcome \o/ feel free to ask for one anytime ww
Don't hesitate to send me a note/whack me on skype whenever you like



Name: Nicole Hyland
Nickname: Nic, Nico
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 164cm
Weight: 48kg
Birthday: July 10th
Nationality: British
House: Gryffindor
Year: 6th


• Adventurous and Reckless
Nicole is the kind of person who would find it difficult to sit idly. Being the adventurous person she is, she never hesitates to experiment and try out new things, or venture out to unknown places for the sake of satiating her curiosity and thrill-seeking nature and would happily drag anyone along as long as they do not slow her down ( people would often find it difficult to catch up with her due to her energy and fast pace ). These reckless behavior often gets herself into trouble. 

• Hardworking
Despite her fun-loving personality, Nicole is serious with her studies and works hard in order to achieve a satisfying grade. She excels in subjects which requires to know a lot of theory and memorization ( such as Astronomy, History of Magic, etc ) though can be considered to be quite slow in learning spell casting as she often causes many accidents from her attempts during her previous years. Even so, this does not stop her from trying to master them as she is often seen practicing during her free time.

• somewhat Prideful and Stubborn
Nicole strongly dislikes having to reach out for help from others, be it with anything school related or her personal issues as she prefers to solve things herself no matter how difficult it may be even if she has to fail several times in the process, believing that being too dependent on others would lead to people viewing her as someone incapable or incompetent. She is somewhat secretive and reserved whenever it comes to Though she would gladly help whoever is in need when asked.

• Approachable and Caring
She is friendly and easy to talk to most of the time, and enjoys the company of others when she is not occupied with her so-called adventurous exploits. Though it is obvious from her actions that she deeply cares for her friends and family, as she may sometimes act very protective, especially towards her little brother. May sometimes nag out of concern to those she is close to and is a lot more gentler around those who are younger, as for those of the same age or older-- she tends to show them in a somewhat different manner 8').


Born on July 10th in London, Nicole was raised by loving parents both gifted with magical abilities along with her little brother, Daniel. They lived an average yet happy life as their father, Frederick Hyland, supports the family by working for the Department of International Magical Cooperation of the Ministry of Magic while their mother took care of both Nicole and little Daniel at home. Their home has always been a warm and lively one, as they all clearly share a strong bond as a family.

Adored by most of her relatives and friends due to her cheerful and witty personality, Nicole has shown a strong interest in learning more about magic and everything related to the wizarding world ever since she was a child, admiring her parents greatly as they could easily levitate objects and make things appear with a flick of their wands. During her early years though, she showed no signs of having magical abilities which made her parents grow suspicious, believing that she might have been born a squib as her little brother was able to show a remarkable potential in magic at a younger age. Though somewhat disappointed at first (and as well as feel guilty in her mother's case, as she felt that it might have been due to her muggle lineage that Nicole lacked magical abilities), but as parents who loves their child wholeheartedly, this did not really matter to them as much as it matters to Nicole. Her incapability to use magic bothered her a lot to the point where she started developing an inferiority complex towards her own brother, Daniel, yet tries to keep it hidden as to maintain and keep a good relationship with her little brother.

Exactly on her 11th birthday, a somewhat peculiar event changed her life. As she blew the candles on her cake, the cake suddenly launched to the ceiling and explode, causing the house to be at a state of complete mess. This occurrence surprised the whole family as it seem to prove that she does in fact have the potential though may have developed it slower compared to most people. Instead of getting startled, Nicole was in fact overjoyed by this despite all the damage she had caused from that little accident and anxiously awaits for an owl to deliver her letter and finally be able to attend her first year at Hogwarts.

Though she may have finally discovered her potential to use magic, she struggled to control and use them properly during her first year at Hogwarts and has often caused many accidents from her attempts ranging from black smoke appearing from the tip of her wand to backfired spells, but to much of people's relief it was nothing too serious and had only given her minor scratches and bruises. This didn't stop her from trying as she is often seen practicing spells which she finds most difficult, finding it as something to challenge herself with. The only problem she has about this was her worry of being a burden to her fellow housemates as she might slow them down in the process and feels bad whenever she causes them trouble. But as she advanced to her third year, these accidents grew less frequent as she slowly got used to them thanks to the guidance of her professors and parents at home, yet still struggles with spells which requires a lot of concentration.

Currently in her sixth year, Nicole has shown some improvement in most of her spell casting (perhaps due to her attempt to study up and practice intensely for her OWL exams)


Father: Frederick Hyland (pureblood wizard)
Mother: Cecillia Hyland (muggleborn witch)
Sibling: Daniel Hyland (2nd year)


+ chocolate frogs and other confections
+ astronomy and stars
+ the outdoors
+ challenges
+ jokes

-  potions class
-  asking for help and showing her weaknesses
-  deep bodies of water (cannot swim)
-  dishonesty
-  seafood


Study of Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures


Ancient Studies
Ghoul Studies


• Shielding Charm (Protego/Dunbihu/K'irara)
       Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.
• Flocking Charm (Avis/Pisqu)
       Conjures a flock of small birds that emerge from the caster's wand.
• Episkey (Episkey)
       A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries.
• Assaulting Hex (Oppugno/Awqana)
       Causes conjured objects or creatures to attack a victim. 
• Incarcerous (Incarcerous)
       Binds a victim with magically conjured ropes.
• Incendio (Incendio)
       Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand.


Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: Eleven Inches
Wood: Hawthorn
Flexibility: Brittle

[ PET ]

Name: Duke
Species: Harlequin toad
Gender: Male

A toad Nicole bought during her first visit to the Magical Menagerie as a 1st year, saying that it resembles her favorite confection; though obviously different in color. Duke is often kept inside her pocket and is surprisingly able to stay there for a long period of time without trying to leap out and escape. Despite his uselessness, Nicole is extremely attached to this small toad as it always keeps her company as she vents out all her worries and problems by talking to him. Though this doesn't stop her from using him to test out several spells or potions she has learned in class.


Yellow Square Bullet   Daniel Hyland (Danny, Dan):
"My little brother, he's really fun to tease and tends to follow me around wherever I go, which sometimes put me in quite a bind (my parents would kill me if they knew I let him join me in my mischievous acts). He has always been talented ever since he was really young. I... must admit it's really frustrating, especially when people tend to compare our skills just because we're siblings. But nevertheless, he's still my precious little brother and I'll do whatever I can to keep him safe from harm. I'll pummel whoever bothers or messes around with him. He seems to be holding back with his talent and potential whenever I'm around..."
Yellow Square Bullet   Ein Schutzhauer (Ein):
"A sweet little Hufflepuff I first met when I was setting up some stink bomb traps as an April Fools joke. The poor girl got caught in one, and I really do feel bad about it especially after knowing that her leg was injured that time. I hope those confections were enough to show her how sincerely apologetic I was. She's really soft-spoken and polite, ...maybe I should learn a thing or two from her. I've seen her accompanying my little brother around and I'm glad that they seem to get along well (Though it does make me wish I got sorted to Hufflepuff instead of Gryffindor somehow... It would be nice if I could hang around with them more that way)."
Red Square Bullet   Alex Ang (Lexi):
"The very first person I talked to and made friends with at Hogwarts. We started talking together during the Sorting Hat ceremony at the Gryffindor table. She's really fun to hang around with and we grew really close during these past five years to the point where I've considered her as one of my closest and best friend. She usually accompanies me as I fool around the school grounds when she's not busy with practice (no, I wasn't causing any mischief, really) and tends to come up with a lot of great ideas for pranks. .........Though she's always the fastest to run, leaving me alone as I get caught in the act by the staffs or prefects (Traitor, I-I thought we were suppose to be in this together)."
Red Square Bullet   Courtney Blake (Courtney, Mom):
"Met him during Potions Class as we got partnered up for the day. Surprisingly pretty good at it too, but my first impression of him immediately went down the drain the moment he asked me if I think he was good looking, though he somehow seemed really pleased the moment I said no? ....It kinda creeped me out but he turned out to be a pretty decent guy, an easy target for pranks which makes it pretty cool (Just... don't involve me in any more of your... girl problems, seriously just. stop. ) The 'Clean-Up/Reparo Guy' whenever I accidentally cause a mess (or break something) during a spell practice. Is it just me or does he give out this really motherly aura? It's not really a bad thing, I guess. We occasionally study together with Nate."
Blue Square Bullet   Nathaniel Osborn (Nate):
"We didn't really get off to a good start at first. One day I was chasing down a huge spider around the Courtyard with a broom until it decided to hide inside that bird-nest head of his when he was asleep....which.. I.. accidentally whacked.. hard. Hey, I was trying to do him a favor by trying to get rid of it, ...... until I found out it was actually his pet later (it still wasn't my fault though). Good thing Courtney came and settled things down though he still constantly stares at me with the evil eye and is always the first to suspect me whenever accidents or anything weird happens. He's still a pretty fun guy to hang around with though, if only he would stop with all the bullying and accusations he's been constantly throwing at me. We occasionally study together with Courtney."
( will update relationships... some other time sob I forgot how to write O(---< )


• constantly checks on her little brother whenever she has the time.
• is secretly intimidated by huge beasts/creatures, especially dragons due to her father always scaring her with stories of dragons that will bite her nose off if she causes any trouble as a child, but would like to see one in the flesh at least once if she were to be given a chance.
• finds cloaks to be uncomfortable as she often trips, get it tangled or hooked whenever she walks around (she hardly ever uses them properly anymore unless required).
• when in panic, the success rate of her spells worsen and has a chance of backfiring half of the time. Therefore, it is required for her to have a clear mind in order to succeed-- which she has always find to be easier said than done.
• surprisingly adept at casting shielding charms, perhaps due to the fact that she often uses it during her experiments or mock duels with friends.
• believe it or not, potions is one of her strong points but does not find it very enjoyable as it requires to properly measure ingredients with great precision. She does have the ability, yet finds it to be tedious, dull, and extremely boring.

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